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St. Pauls
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Sec. School Affiliated to CBSE
Affiliation No. 1730874 | School Code: 11218
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Mandatory Public Disclosure


Students of St. Paul School, will be guided and expected to conduct themselves as gentlemen/gentlewomen whether in school or outside. Punctuality and regularity will be instilled in every student from the very beginning.

  1. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school is sufficient reason for the dismissal of a pupil with a notice to the parents.
  2. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct, both in and outside of school. Hence misbehavior in public streets and conveyance is liable to incur dismissal.
  3. Any breach of discipline and above all discourtesy and disrespect to teachers in any way will be taken seriously and student responsible for such misbehavior will be summarily dismissed.
  4. All students are to abide strictly by the discipline and rules laid down by the school authorities.
  5. Use or possession of tobacco, intoxicants and any kind of harmful drugs is strictly forbidden.
  6. Electronic equipments, cell phones, transistors, cassettes, CD’s, DVD’s, Pen drives, and Loose Cash etc. are not allowed to be brought to the school.
  7. Breach of such discipline will lead to expulsion from the school. The Principal is fully empowered to rusticate, suspend or take necessary action in case of consistent indiscipline.
  8. Honesty, cleanliness of person and dress, good manners and respect for one another are required from each student. Anyone not performing to the School’s set principles, may after due notice to the parents, be asked to leave.

St. Paul's Sr. Sec. School, Jhalamand
Jaipur - Jaisalmer Bypass, Jhalamand,
Jodhpur - 342 013 (Raj.)

Administrator Desk:

"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny."- C.S Lewis

Total Visitors : 276136

Mon - Sat (School): 07:15 am - 01:30 pm
Principal Office Timings(Mon - Fri): 09:00 am - 10:00 am
Office Timings: 08:00am - 03:00 pm
Sun: Closed

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